About me

Rev. Sheila Trocheck is an Angelic Energy Ambassador who shares God’s Angelic Healing Blessings. She helps awakening and awakened souls shine brightly to create loving connections and possibilities for their highest good through anchoring, activating, and amplifying Angelic energies. Her Divine gifts and connection with the Angelic Choir are a rainbow bridge assisting in bringing peace, vitality, and comforting joy.

Through her loving energetic collaborations with the Heavenly Realms, she intends to help people experience living their Heaven on Earth. Her gifts have evolved over her three decades long spiritual journey, whereby she has honed her abilities through her dedication to her mission of assisting others and this planet for the highest good.

During sessions, she energetically views people in their ultimate human perfection. She assists people in amplifying, emanating, and anchoring The Divine Light within and around us. She utilizes her skills to inspire people, ease their discomforts, and create a better world.